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Thank you for your interest in Carissa Rivers Photography! 

I am a Mom of 3 and a 5th generation rancher from the Bay Area. My experience is based on getting out and doing it. I love positioning myself to catch unique moments and details other photographers may overlook as not being the "right" shot but those are the images that make you unique. I want to tell your story through my lens, 


My journey into professional photography began as a way to share the California ranching lifestyle in its raw form. My passion lies within the agriculture community and hard working small businesses just getting started or with generations behind them and in front of them with the best yet to come! I want to be there to document it with you!

I strive to capture honest, authentic moments with families, animals, livestock, and the ranching lifestyle. I take the time to capture the best to help you build your future and preserve your legacy.

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