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Ranching, Family and Small Business Photography

Carissa Rivers Photography provides easy-going, flexible shoots to showcase hobbies and individual personalities, or prepare for upcoming sales and marketing needs. 


Get in touch to learn more about how I can help develop and capture your legacy.

I want to help you develop a product portfolio to keep you prepared for all of your social media posting needs, advertising and website updates! We can shoot in one day or get together multiple times  depending on what fits your business timeline. 

   Package Includes:    

Planning phone call

Fully edited set of digital photos

starts at $250

investment will vary based on time commitment and travel

To capture one product or animal, we will negotiate projects individually.  


Capture Family Memories.

Capturing families is so important to me. A moment in time with loved ones is invaluable as families grow and change. One of the secrets to getting the looks you want is having a stress free environment to let each personality shine. And that's what I love to do.

I offer ranch settings for your shoot. Contact me for more information.


   Package Includes:    

 Planning phone call

2 hours on site photography

Fully edited set of digital photos

starting at $300

We can put together personal packages to fit your occasion


Tell Your Ranching Story.

Carissa Rivers Photography serves the ranching community throughout California. This is where my passion lies. I love telling a story through photographs, whether it's horseback, shipping time, in the branding corral or an old barn... documenting the pride and dedication of generations of ranching families is where I want to be. Take advantage of this opportunity and not only capture your story, but preserve and share your legacy! 

   Package Includes:    

Planning phone call

On site photography 

Fully edited set of digital photos


investment may vary based on time commitment and travel


To capture your ranch over the course of time, seasons or various events, we will put a personal package together. 

Develop a personal package for your small business 




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