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California cool down

Carissa Rivers

I am a 5th generation rancher in the Bay Area and have carried a camera with me everywhere since I can remember. I'm experienced in catching unique moments with my signature style that has grown from a ranch-life photography background. I ventured into professional photography to share the California ranching lifestyle and realities of California ranching. My passion lies within the ranching community, sharing the generations of hard work, trials and tribulations that have made it worth preserving for the next generation. 


I am obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph but I never miss an opportunity to get into position to catch those unique, special images.


I love working with families, livestock, other animals and anything ranching and agriculture related. 

I strive to capture honest, authentic moments with families, animals, livestock, portraits and the ranching lifestyle. I take the time to capture the best, capturing your legacy.

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